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2024-02-22 AWK Programming
2023-08-10 ZFS Quickstart
2022-10-13 Bhyve and iPXE
2022-06-21 The Sidecomment Web Stack
2022-06-13 Workstation Notes
2021-10-29 OpenBSD VPS Installation
2021-10-21 Patroni and Consul Service Discovery
2021-04-15 Juniper EX Configuration
2017-02-01 OpenSMTPD Mail Filtering


2023-08-24 Late Binding Views
2023-07-11 JSON Processing in SQL
2023-06-15 Partition Pruning
2022-10-05 PostgreSQL Administrative Queries
2021-09-28 Modeling Unix Group Membership
2020-04-03 PostgreSQL Native Logical Replication
2019-05-08 Sorting out Autocommit
2017-07-21 Iterative Large Updates
2017-05-19 Migrating from MySQL


2023-06-28 Rendering Pages with Puppeteer
2023-03-23 Sphynx Development Notes
2022-01-04 Practical JWT
2021-12-28 Cross-Origin Requests
2018-10-18 Programming Documents with Haml


2021-12-21 Database Test Isolation
2021-07-01 Local Continuous Integration
2018-09-01 Test-Driven Development in C
2017-08-09 Repeatable Workspaces


2023-05-19 Automated FreeBSD Installation
2022-09-02 Automated Ubuntu Installation
2022-08-23 Automated Fedora Installation
2016-05-18 Automated OpenBSD Installation


2021 Minimalist Scripted Configuration
Agent-Server, Gather-Fact, and Remote Execution
2020 Single-Minded Configuration
A stabilized approach to systems orchestration
2016 Overcoming First Principles
A guide for accessing the features of PostgreSQL in test-driven development
2015 Learning Through Composition
A study in building modern Unix tooling


Analog Photography

Rapid Feedback, Repeatable Systems