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Portable C Compiler Benchmarks


"Compilation inefficiency directly harms programmer efficiency and the quality and volume of code the programmer produces. These are surely the most important things by which a toolchain's usefulness should be judged."
Andrew Morton, Jun 2003

"I understand that there is a goal to make gcc produce better output code. But we are programmers. We spend our lives compiling code. When can we get a compiler that is tuned for us?"
Theo de Raadt, Feb 2004


OS Platform Options GCC 4.2.1 PCC 1.0.0 Speedup
OpenBSD 5.0 i386 -O3 1m32s 10s 9.80
OpenBSD 5.0 i386 -O1 1m4s 10s 6.40
OpenBSD 5.0 amd64 -O3 30s 8s 3.37
OpenBSD 5.0 amd64 -O1 19s 7s 2.71

Tests performed compiling Lout 3.39 .

C vs. C++ Benchmarks

OS Platform pcc 1.0, gcc 4.2.1 g++ 4.2.1 Speedup
OpenBSD 5.0 i386 .27s, .54s (cjson) 22.4s (libjson) 83.0, 41.5


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Last updated on March 27, 2015